Food Recycle

Food Recycle is an Australian company that has developed a patented and patent-pending process to recycle commercial food waste into two high value items; Poultry feed and liquid fertilizer.

Food Recycle was founded in 2016 on a simple idea which has since evolved into a controlled process that is undertaking the patenting process in over 100 countries around the world.

With an overwhelming consensus around the size of food waste as a problem, Food Recycle has been able to attract some of the brightest minds in the industry to tackle the problem head on.

Our Mission

"To provide a commercially viable, incentive driven solution to the problem of global food waste"

an economically sustainable,
incentive driven solution

Food Recycle was founded upon a strong belief that the global problem of food waste needed an incentivised market driven solution. For any solution to be truly effective, it not only had to be sustainable from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic perspective.

The food recycle solution achieves this through a simple licensing model. As the process produces two high value products, each processing facility is an attractive sustainable business. For speed to market and mass adoption of the technology, Food Recycle licenses the technology to businesses that want to capitalise on collecting and processing the food waste.


Food Recycle has brought together some of the most qualified people in the industry to fight the global problem of food waste.


norm boyle


Norm is the inventor of the Food Recycle process and the main drive in the business development of the company.

Norm has both national and international experience in company start up and intellectual property transfer, contract negotiation and protocol implementation and compliance.  He has extensive experience with Shire Council property development approvals and has worked on unrelated projects in China.

Board of Directors

jason parker

non executive director

Jason is a forward-thinking professional director and a qualified public accountant as well as an ASSOB sponsor. He is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), a Fellow member of the National Institute of Accountants (FPNA) and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM).

Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) along with the AICD’s Company Directors Course Diploma. Jason has experience in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit sectors with particular expertise in professional services and health (mental health) as well as in sport.

dr Caroline hong

non executive director
vice chair

Dr Caroline Hong is an Asian Australian Business Woman with a unique and diverse background over 30 years in Business, Healthcare, Government & Associations.

Caroline has a deep understanding of Australia in the Asian Century. and has held  many senior appointments including Ambassador, CEO, Chairman, Advisory Board and company director roles, in the private, government, charity and not-for-profit sectors. Caroline‘s experience extends across business, dentistry, healthcare, government, community, business events and not-for profit sectors.

hon andrew stoner

non executive director

The Honourable Andrew Stoner B.Bus., MBA. is Managing Director and CEO of his own consulting company, Andrew Stoner & Associates Pty Ltd.

He served as Deputy Premier of New South Wales and was NSW’s first Minister for Trade and Investment, leading international engagement for Australia’s largest and most prosperous State. He led numerous trade missions, particularly to China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, the United States, and the Middle East, and established new NSW Trade & Investment offices in priority markets. His efforts resulted in economic gains through enhanced two-way trade and strong growth in investment.

brad stebbing

non executive director

Brad is an award-winning Sydney based designer who specialises in working with start-ups.  He works across three design disciplines - industrial design, graphic design and web design.  For the last eight years Brad has worked exclusively with start-ups and fast-growth companies, providing both design services and strategic advice.  He is an expert in prototyping and manufacturing processes and has an in-depth understanding of commercialisation.  

In 2009 he was awarded the Belle Georg Jensen Design award for his fountain pen design.  Brad is passionate about sustainability and is focused on bringing real-world solutions to market.

Industry Consultants

rod Jenner


Rod Jenner is a consultant poultry vet, consulting to both the chicken meat and egg industries.  He is conducting projects on behalf of Agrifutures Australia and Australian Eggs Ltd and has been in the poultry industry since graduation.

Rod has served on a number of industry representative committees over the years including the RIRDC chicken meat advisory committee, and has also served as President of the Australian Veterinary Poultry Association (AVPA), member of Therapeutics Subcommittee and Welfare Subcommittee of the AVPA, Queensland executive of the AVA, and divisional committee of the WPSA. Of recent years he has progressed into teaching veterinary students in the area of commercial poultry medicine at University of Queensland and James Cook University.

dr ron glanville

biosecurity expert

Ron has had a career of over 41 years working in animal health in Australia, including the positions of Chief Biosecurity Officer, Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Inspector of Stock for the State of Queensland.

Career highlights include: a key role in finalising bovine tuberculosis eradication; leading Queensland’s response to equine influenza, as well as around 30 other emergency responses; and implementing the national livestock identification system.  Ron also has had extensive experience working on national committees established to coordinate biosecurity programs across the country.

Since 2011 Ron has established a successful consulting business providing quality advice to a range of clients in the area of biosecurity, including strategic advice, program reviews, facilitation & training, emergency preparedness and response support.

dr andrew Jones

patent attorney

Dr Andrew Jones is a Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney in Australia and New Zealand, with almost 20 years experience in the IP industry.

Andrew spent over ten years at one of Australia’s top-tier IP Law Firms before deciding in 2013 to form Foundry Intellectual Property. Foundry IP is a boutique IP firm that offers a depth of experience combined with personal attention to clients’ IP requirements. This personalised experience maximises clients’ IP protection.

PROF Bob Swick

poultry nutrition biologist

Bob Swick up until recently held the position of Industry Professor of Poultry Nutrition at the University of New England in Armidale and is now working the Poultry Hub, Australia. Prior to his current position Bob resided in Singapore and consulted extensively in the Asian feed and livestock sector dealing with feed formulation, protein meals and feed additives.

Bob began his career in Nutrition Chemicals Division of Monsanto Company and later became Product Development Manager for Novus International and Technical Director for the American Soybean Association in Singapore. Bob has held consultancies with feed and livestock producers, oilseed crushers and nutritional chemical suppliers in Asia, South America and the U.S. Bob has published over 300 technical papers, bulletins, reports and journal articles and holds a patent on a novel grain preservation system.

prof vijay Jayasena

food scientist

Professor Vijay Jayasena is an expert in food science, and works at the Western Sydney University.  He is an internationally awarded and recognised Food and Nutrition expert, with proven success in research, attraction of funding, application of technologies in numerous countries and excellence in student education, mentoring and development.

Vijay played an integral role in the Poultry Feed Proof of Concept research that was undertaken as a collaboration between Food Recycle and Western Sydney University. Vijay's research has since been published and he continues to work on the food science component of the Food Recycle process.

dr dharma hagare

environmental engineer

Dharma is working in the area of resource conservation, recovery and reuse of water, nutrients and materials at the Western Sydney University. He actively seeks to find innovative, interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary and practical solutions to environmental/industry problems. His teaching and research focus is on effective management of water, nutrients and materials.

He is actively working in the area of waste to energy. His recent projects include use of food waste for chicken feed and liquid fertilisers and, water and materials recovery from nanocellulose manufacturing process. Dharma has published over 150 research articles and he has received over $1.7 million in research funding.

Shaun johnstone

stainless steel manufacturer

Shaun is the founder of Barwon Valley Stainless (BVS).  The company provides customers with the highest quality of service and workmanship in a number of sectors including, Dairy, Beverage, Brewing, Chemical and Food Manufacturing.

Shaun has specialised in the complete Fabrication and installation service of Tanks, Pressure Vessels, components, manifolds and process skids, which are all manufactured in the Barwon Valley Stainless workshop. BVS also offers full or part site installation of hygienic process pipelines.

Shaun has over 25 years of fabrication and installation experience, leading a team of highly skilled tradespeople and in-house manufacturing processes.

University Collaborations

western sydney university

Western Sydney University has a very strong reputation in Food Science and Agriculture and has been working closely with Food Recycle, conducting research into the food science component of the Food Recycle process.

university of new england

Food Recycle is working with the University of New England to study the nutritional quality of the Poultry feed produced by the Food Recycle Process and to further optimise the blending process for optimum results.

Industry Affiliations

Poultry hub australia

Poultry Hub Australia is a not-for-profit organisation located at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW. The organisation is in its third year of operation and is the successor body of the former Poultry CRC. Poultry Hub Australia funds research that focuses on challenges identified in the Australian Poultry Industry and requires a collaborative approach to deliver solutions quickly and effectively.