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Food Waste is a global problem

Some of the statistics


Approx 1/3rd of food produced is wasted worldwide


Approx twice the amount of CO2 EQUIVALENT gases are released per tonne of food waste that goes to landfill


APPROX 8% of the world’s emissions are generated from food waste

Why is Food Waste such a big problem?

Food waste is a multi-faceted problem that has many impacts on our planet.  Below are some of the major impacts we are faced with as a global community:

Greenhouse gas emissions

For every tonne of food waste that goes to land fill, the equivalence of 1.9 tonnes of CO2 is produced in the form of methane. The greenhouse gases produced by food waste in Australian landfill each year is equivalent to the emissions of Australia’s steel and iron ore industries combined!

wasted resources

When food is wasted, food is not the only resource being thrown away; all of the resources that went into creating the food are also being thrown away.  This includes the plant or animal food, the water, energy and labour that was used to grow the food.

cost to the economy

The cost to the global economy of food waste is significant. Not only is there the cost of the wasted food, but added to this is the cost of disposal and all of the resources (such as packaging) that are disposed along with it. It is estimated that food waste costs the Australian economy around $20 Billion a year.

Biosecurity threats

Several diseases such African swine Fever can be transmitted to pigs from eating food waste. Although there are bans on feeding swill to pigs, there is still a very real risk (similar to the cause 2001 UK outbreak of foot and mouth disease) that imported meat products (the high risk products) find their way to a pig’s trough.

food Security

With the world’s population set to double by 2050, real questions are being asked as to how we can feed the world with the same amount of arable land and water resources.  With beef production requiring 7KG of feed to produce 1KG of beef, the role of poultry in the diet of the future will likely be more significant.

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A single piece of bacon is all it would take...

African swine fever has already killed a quarter of the world's pig population. The disease is deadly to pigs an highly contagious. For this disease to spread, all it would take is a piece of infected pig-based food waste to find its way to a pigs food trough (the same way the 2001 UK outbreak of foot and mouth disease outbreak started).

The Food Recycle process inherently treats the food waste for all major diseases to both pigs and poultry. It is the ONLY commercially viable way to address the risk of food waste as a potential outbreak of a major disease.

The food recycle solution

The Food Recycle Solution

The Food Recycle process is a patented and patent pending system that processes commercial food waste into poultry feed, liquid fertilizer and distilled water. The process is a truly sustainable solution - both environmentally and economically.

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1 Tonne

food waste


poultry feed


distilled water


food waste



poultry feed



distilled water



distilled water

The Food Recycle Pilot Facility

Our Pilot Facility

Working closely with the University of New England and the Western Sydney University, Food Recycle has produced a pilot production facility that is made up of five shipping containers (each demonstrating one of the five process steps).

This Facility demonstrates the process at a commercial scale and produces industry grade poultry feed made from food waste.

the pilot facility

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