Who would have thought that we could

Save the world

by simply feeding the chickens?

How we do it

We’ve developed a patented (and patent pending) process that converts any commercial food waste into high performance animal feeds.

Diverts food waste from landfill
Displaces new ingredients in feeds
Retains the high value of the food

Saving animals from deadly diseases at the same time

As part of our process, all food waste that enters our facilities is heat treated to inactivate all known pathogens that may be present in the food waste.  This acts as a safeguard against viruses like African Swine Fever spreading through wild pigs gaining access to food waste.

Global food waste produces between 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Over 30% of the food produced is never eaten.  Food waste is a massive problem.

While food rescue to those in need and reducing the amount of waste produced should always be the priority, the size of the problem mandates the need for a viable, incentivised solution that keeps the food waste from entering landfill.

Our process retains the high value of the food that has been discarded, thus providing a significant economic incentive to process the food waste and instead of entering landfill, it is used as a valuable resource.

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Global Food Waste

With most of the world’s arable land already used for farming and the steady increase in global population, the world is currently on a trajectory to run out of food in the near future.

Increases in productivity can help, but only so much - innovation is desperately needed.

Our process processes discarded food into animal feeds.  This displaces the raw ingredients that are used in feeds, freeing up more food to be fed to humans.

Global Food Security

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This helps solve two global issues at once

The Food Recycle process

Storage and analysis
Packing and delivery

The Food Recycle process is a five part process from start to finish.  We process each food waste stream separately, measure the nutritional content and then store them as ingredients to mix them together to make complete feeds.

We collaborate with the best in the industry

Greater impact, faster.

Food Recycle is a technology company that licenses its patented technology around the world.

This approach ensures that we are rolling out the technology as fast as possible, leveraging existing relationships of local businesses within each country all while spreading the benefit around the world.

Latest Resources

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Food Recycle's founder and CEO interview with Food Waste Matters Podcast

OzHarvest Ventures to take on Australia + NZ

Food Recycle is excited to announce that we have assigned the Patent rights and Licensed the Technology for Australia and New Zealand to a wholly owned subsidiary of OzHarvest Ventures

OzHarvest Ventures to lead $18m raise for food recycling facility

OzHarvest Ventures has gone to the market to raise $18M for a Food Recycling plant using the Food Recycle technology in Sydney.


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