Why is there such a need?

( for a solution to the global problem of food waste?)

The world has a food waste problem

Every country in the world produces large amounts of food waste. While the cause of this food waste may vary, the amounts are fairly consistent.
This waste has substantial negative impacts on our planet; environmentally, socially and economically.
of global food is wasted

Over a third of all food that is produced globally is wasted

its weight in CO² eq. emissions

Approximately 2 tonnes of CO² eq. emissions are produced for every tonne of food waste in landfill in the form of methane.

of global emissions

Approximately 8-10% of global emissions are generated from food that is not consumed


and at the same time, the world is running out of food

Conflict, climate shocks and the threat of global recession have all contributed to dire situation for food security.

Unless significant change is achieved global population growth and climate change are going to make this situation even more challenging.

The world is facing a food crisis of unprecedented proportions, the largest in modern history

2022 - World Food Program

of the global population is undernourished

Approximately 663 Million people globally have a caloric intake below minimum energy requirements.

is when the world could run out of food

According to Copenhagen-based TheWorldCounts, by 2050, food demand will have increased by 70% compared to 2017.


Using food for feed,
it just makes sense...

We live in a strange world where on hand we are wasting too much food and on the other hand we are struggling to produce enough, with both problems having considerable consequences.  By processing our food waste into animal feeds, we are effectively closing the loop and in turn cancelling each other out.

Reduce Food Waste

By repurposing spent food as animal feed, it doesn’t enter the waste stream to begin with.

Increase Food Security

With the increased animal feed entering the supply chain, less raw ingredients are needed to create feed for livestock.

Reduce Feed Costs

The cost to collect and process the spent food is significantly lower than the cost of raw ingredients to make new feeds.

In fact, we think it is the best solution that’s even possible*,

here's why...

We use food for it’s primary (and most valuable) purpose - food, just further down the food chain.  As we are retaining it’s highest possible value, we are significantly reducing the environmental and economic costs (of the food as waste) and at the same time displacing raw ingredients that are currently making up feeds.

* Just to be clear, we’re only talking about the food waste that can’t be avoided entirely or make its way to human consumption.

as food waste is global, so is our approach

Our Licensing model

It turns out that food waste is a problem in every single country in the world.  Similarly every country in the world produces pigs, hens or acquaculture in quantities that require more feed than all of the food waste processed into feed could supply.
So if every country in the world is a potential market, the question then becomes;

“How can we roll out the technology in the fastest, most economically sustainable way to achieve the greatest impact?


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