We are here to solve the problem of global food waste and we intend to feed a lot of animals doing it.

We are an Australian technology company

Food Recycle is an Australian technology start-up that was founded to tackle the global problem of food waste. The company has a patented and patent pending technology to convert any commercial food waste into high performance animal feeds. Located in NSW, Australia, the company has worked with some of the best scientists in the country to develop and validate the technology.

Since inception, the company has heavily focused on Research and Development. With the technology being implemented in Australia and New Zealand, the company's focus is now on licensing opportunities in the international market.

Highlight achievements by the numbers

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Projects completed
Year on year growth

We collaborate with the best in the industry

Our values

We recongised the need for not just an environmental solution, but one that was also business driven.

We set out to solve the global problem of food waste. We acknowledged right from the start that the solution had to meet some fundamental criteria if we were to succeed.

Incentivised solution

The solution needs to be reasonably profitable and Government subsidy free if it is going to stand the test of time.

Globally scalable

For this to tackle the global problem, the solution needs to be scalable. This is important both from an economic and a timing perspective.

Backed by science

The solution needs to be independently backed by science. There is no use in rolling out a solution that isn't actually solving the problem.

Meet our team

Executive Team

Norm Boyle

Norm Boyle is the founder of Food Recycle and the inventor of the patented technology.  He has been the main drive behind building the company from the ground up, putting the team together and proving the science.

Norm has had experience across a broad range of industries including construction & engineering and spent a number of years in the USA working in licensing patented technologies.  He is listed as the inventor on multiple patents and is now focussed soley on licencing the Food Recycle technology internationally.

John Hatton
Strategic Commercialisation Advisor

John Hatton has spent his entire career in the food and agricultural industries both in Australasia but also internationally. He recently retired from the International Finance Corporations (the private banking arm of the World Bank Group). His leading role as Chief Industry Specialist for the Agribusiness Department at IFC allowed him to work in over 50 countries providing equity and debt to agribusiness clients over a period 15 years.

John has always focused on the animal protein supply chain. His experience includes Livestock: beef cattle, dairy, poultry, pigs plus further processing, aquaculture, and related industries; Farming: cropping, feed milling, feed crushing plants, flour milling. Food Processing: Retail and FMCG.

He has appraised over 160 businesses globally most of which have been in emerging markets but often with developed market sponsors.

John grew up in rural Queensland and graduated as a veterinarian in 1977. Prior to IFC, John founded a private veterinary practice, an international supply chain consulting business and a cattle farming operation in Australia. He also has held various senior management positions with national and global food processing companies. Part of that process was to modernize the meat supply chains in Great Britain, China, Indonesia, and Turkey for McDonalds.

Other roles included a membership of the Food Chain Committee of the National Food Industry Strategy a federally funded Australian program to develop food company capacity to compete in the export markets either through direct grants or funding from the Export Market Development Program and Chairman of the Meat Export Federal Council committee on Animal Welfare that helped to write the legislation on the humane handling of animals in Australia.

Brad Stebbing

Brad is an award-winning industrial designer and cofounder of Food Recycle.

He has been heavily involved in the Research and Development of the process, the company’s business strategy and has been directly responsible for the brand, website and presentation design.

Brad specialises in design services in the start-up industry as well as structural packaging design. He is currently the Chief Design Officer at Ranlytics, a tech startup in the telecommunications industry and also designs high volume packaging for Masterfoods, a Mars food company.

Nathan Boyle

Nathan is a cofounder of Food Recycle and has managed the operations of the company in a full-time capacity over the last four years having worked in the start-up space for nearly a decade. Nathan has been a key player in the development of the Food Recycle production process, engineering design and validation.

Nathan has been involved operationally in the research and development phase of the Food Recycle technology. He managed the sampling and collection of food waste from local food waste providers for the initial proof of concept phase conducted by the Western Sydney University and was heavily involved in the sourcing, sampling testing and processing of the waste streams for the animal feed trials. This typically involved working daily alongside the University of New England and the CSIRO during the feed formulations.

More recently Nathan has headed up the Food Recycle International Food Waste Resource Team charged with traveling outside Australia to countries to complete the Food Waste nutritional profiling required for that country ahead of granting the Technology License.  

Advisory Team

Jason Parker
Non Executive Director/Chair

Jason is a forward-thinking professional director, a practising lawyer, and qualified accountant. He is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), a Fellow member of the Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA) and a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA). Jason has a Master of Business Administration Degree, Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and a Diploma in Financial Services along with the AICD’s Company Directors Course Diploma.

Jason has experience in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit sectors with expertise in professional services. Jason has demonstrated high-level financial management, corporate governance, and risk management skills. He is also a creative thinker and strategist with an instinct for marketing and championing growth. Jason has hands-on experience in acquisitions and capital-raising. Jason has lead businesses through rapid growth and has chaired several boards and committees.

Dr Caroline Hong
Non Executive Director/Vice Chair

Dr Caroline Hong has a unique and diverse background over 30 years in Business, Healthcare, Government & Associations. Caroline has held many senior appointments including Ambassador, CEO, Chairman, Advisory Board and company director roles, in the private, government, charity and not-for-profit sectors. Caroline‘s experience extends across business, healthcare, government, community, and not-for profit sectors.

Caroline holds three tertiary qualifications from the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and the University of New South Wales. She is also an experienced company director and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Caroline is CEO of her own consulting business, CH Asia Australia Pty Ltd, and currently holds several Non-Executive board roles in Australian companies and government organisations.

Hon. Andrew Stoner
Non Executive Director

Hon. Andrew Stoner AM, B.Bus., MBA is an experienced Chairman and Non-Executive Director with a demonstrated history of corporate governance, international trade and development, and public policy.

He was formerly Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment in New South Wales, between 2011 and 2014, leader of the National Party (NSW) between 2003 and 2014, and a Member of the New South Wales Parliament between 1999 and 2015.

Andrew Stoner is currently managing director of his own consulting company, Andrew Stoner and Associates Pty Ltd and executive director of Investment Opportunities Australia Pty Ltd. He is Chairman of the board at Study Group Australia/New Zealand and Mozaik Play, and serves as non-executive director of several other public and private companies. Andrew is also a member of the NEOM (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Higher Council.

Expert Panel

Dr Ron Glanville
Biosecurity Expert

Dr Ron Glanville has had a 45 year career working in animal health and biosecurity in Australia, including the positions of Chief Biosecurity Officer, Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Inspector of Stock for the State of Queensland.

Career highlights include leading Queensland’s response to equine influenza, Australia’s largest biosecurity emergency response, as well as leadership roles in around 30 other emergency responses; a key role in finalising tuberculosis eradication in Queensland; and leading the implementation of the national livestock identification system at the state level. Since 2011 he has established a successful consultancy business in biosecurity. He was awarded the David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime achievement award, by the Australian Federal Government at the Australian Biosecurity Awards 2020. The catalyst for his award nomination was a review of biosecurity capability in Torres Strait and part of Cape York Peninsula which he conducted in 2016. This led to development of the groundbreaking Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Biosecurity Strategy.

Prof. Bob Swick
Poultry Nutrition Biologist

Professor Bob Swick is currently Poultry Research Coordinator at Poultry Hub Australia in Armidale. Over his 40-year career he has held positions at Monsanto Company, Novus International, American Soybean Association and University of New England. Bob has supervised of 15 higher degree research students and has published over 300 technical papers, bulletins, reports, journal articles and patents. His current interests include protein and amino acid nutrition, and sustainable poultry production.

Dr Rod Jenner
Poultry Vetenarian

Rod Jenner is a consultant poultry vet, consulting to both the chicken meat and egg industries. He is conducting projects on behalf of Agrifutures Australia and Australian Eggs Ltd and has been in the poultry industry since graduation.

Rod has served on a number of industry representative committees over the years including the RIRDC chicken meat advisory committee, and has also served as President of the Australian Veterinary Poultry Association (AVPA), member of Therapeutics Subcommittee and Welfare Subcommittee of the AVPA, Queensland executive of the AVA, and divisional committee of the WPSA. Of recent years he has progressed into teaching veterinary students in the area of commercial poultry medicine at University of Queensland and James Cook University. In 2021 Rod was the recipient of the Australian Poultry Award for Meritorious Service to the Australian poultry industry, presented by the World’s Poultry Science Association.

Dr Andrew Jones
Patent Attorney

Andrew Jones has over 20 years’ experience in the patent profession who worked for the first half of his career with one of Australia's top tier specialist IP firms up until 2013 when he founded his company Foundry Intellectual Property.

Andrew assists clients with all aspects of the patenting process, including the drafting of patent specifications, patent prosecution in Australia and overseas, as well as providing validity, infringement and freedom to operate advice. He also regularly advises clients on appropriate patent strategies, given their individual circumstances. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, both from Australia and overseas, ranging from individuals, to SMEs, start-ups, Universities, Government organisations and corporates.

Given his research experience in medicinal inorganic chemistry, much of the focus of his patent practice to date has been in chemistry-related technologies. He has drafted patent specifications and prosecuted patent applications for clients with inventions in a diverse range of chemical technologies, including inorganic and organic synthesis, polymers, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, alloys, process chemistry, food science and waste treatment. He has specific experience in technologies relating to flocculating polymers, electrochemical sensors, coating compositions, dye-sensitised solar cells, superconducting materials and medical devices, to name but a few. He also has extensive experience with mechanical inventions, and for many years helped teach the course “Drafting of Patent Specifications” at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Dharma Hagare
Environmental Scientist

Dr. Dharma Hagare, is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean International (South Asia) at Western Sydney University (WSU). Dharma is working in the broad areas of resource conservation, and recovery and reuse of water, nutrients and materials. He is the leader of Nutrient, Water and Materials Recycling Group (NewMarg) at WSU. He actively seeks to find innovative, interdisciplinary/ transdisciplinary and practical solutions to environmental/industry problems. He is actively working in the area of zero waste systems and circular economy, including valorisation of waste materials.

His recent projects include use of food waste for chicken feed and liquid fertilisers, and processed solid waste for manufacturing building materials. Dharma has published over 150 refereed journal and conference papers, and book chapters. 13 PhD and 6 MPhil students have successfully completed their degrees under his supervision. He has secured over $2.8 million in research funding. His recent industry collaborators include Food Recycle, Global Renewables, Austral Bricks, several city councils and other organisations.

Prof Vijay Jayasena
Food Scientist

Professor Vijay Jayasena is currently employed at Western Sydney University. He is an internationally awarded and recognised Food and Nutrition expert, with proven success in research, attraction of funding, application of technologies in numerous countries and excellence in student education, mentoring and development.

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