The Food Recycle International
Licensing Program

Greater impact, faster.

Food Recycle International is rolling out the patented technology around the globe through a regional licensing program.

Through license agreements, exclusive licenses to use the Food Recycle technology and resources are granted within each defined region.

Licensees get access

The benefits of becoming a licensee are much greater than simply building food recycling facilities.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Licensees get access to Food Recycle's expertise across a wide range of industries with a plethora of accumulated, focused knowledge. These industries include:
  • Poultry, Pig and Aquaculture Nutrition
  • Animal Health
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Science
  • Biosecurity
  • Process Engineering
  • Waste Collection + Management
  • Industrial Design

Engineering Resources

Licensees get access to Food Recycle's Process engineering and Feed Mill engineering teams.
  • Turn-key Facility plan designs
  • Install and build management
  • Efficiency management
  • Accumulated knowledge of facility designs
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Custom design requirements

Waste Profiling Team

Licensees get access to Food Recycle's Process waste profiling team. This team profiles the state of a region's food waste and reports on how best to collect and maximise the resource.
  • Waste profile reporting
  • Waste management and collection planning
  • Optional waste management and collection solution
  • Waste management business modelling

Technology improvements

Licensees get access to any improvements to the technology that are developed over time.
  • Feed formulation app
  • Increase in efficiency through new machinery designs
  • Any new technology developed
  • All of applied learnings from different regions


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