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OzHarvest Ventures to take on Australia + NZ

Food Recycle is excited to announce that we have assigned the Patent rights and Licensed the Technology for Australia and New Zealand to a wholly owned subsidiary of OzHarvest Ventures

OzHarvest Ventures to lead $18m raise for food recycling facility

OzHarvest Ventures has gone to the market to raise $18M for a Food Recycling plant using the Food Recycle technology in Sydney.

Video: Prawn Feed Trial

An overview of the Food Recycle Aquaculture Prawn Feed Trial undertaken by the CSIRO Research Facility on Bribie Island, Queensland

CSIRO Food Waste Barramundi Feed Trial

30% larger Barramundi fish when fed Food Recycle feeds

CSIRO Food Waste Prawn Trial

CSIRO research based on feeding prawns a food waste based diet.

UNE Poultry Hub Food Waste Layer Hen Trial

Performance was improved with food waste-based diets and egg production and quality was largely unchanged.

Video: Layer Hen Trial

An overview of the latest developments in the Poultry Feed Trial undertaken by Poultry Nutrition, University Of New England utilising poultry feed produced by Food Recycle using commercial food waste.

Life Cycle Analysis on Food Recycle process

Edge Environment, one of Australia's most respected environmental consultancies has completed an LCA on the Food Recycle process


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