Life Cycle Analysis on Food Recycle process

Executive Summary

Our society and economy are facing significant challenges from increasing emission of greenhouse gases causing global warming and associated climate change, waste of resources in the predominant linear economy model for production and consumption, specifically in the terms of food waste, where we use the majority of our land and water resources to feed the planet, yet approximately 30% of this food is wasted.

Our meat and dairy production systems have been increasingly scrutinised based on their impact on the environment. A key driver of environmental impact is from the feed consumed by the animals. For example, feed accounts for about 35% of the carbon footprint of 1 kg of chicken meat delivered to market and 76% of the carbon footprint of eggs.

Food Recycle has developed a technology capable of taking food waste from different sources and compositions and recover that resource into poultry feed mix. This technology has the potential to mitigate two sources of environmental impact: the production of feed ingredients for chicken rearing and the landfilling of food waste.

In summary the LCA and Circularity Assessment have quantified and articulated the hotspots and opportunities for continuing Food Recycle’s technology development and commercialisation. Food Recycle have several areas of opportunity for improvement, but at the current stage it provides significant benefits in terms of delivering lower life cycle environmental impact, lower carbon emissions and contributing to the transition to a circular economy.


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